We would all like to save a little more on the grocery bill each month. There’s always a feeling of sticker-shock when that final price shows up on the register. Even if you pinch every penny at the big national chains, it may not be enough.

Luckily, there are some discount stores out there with good quality store brands that may even beat the prices of the big guys. Read on to find out what these stores specialize in, but before you do be sure to download the DealsFinders App for all kinds of amazing deals!

1. H-E-B

Located throughout Texas, H-E-B is a grocery store chain with their own store brand and fresh produce. It’s possible to find products on their shelves that beat out Amazon and Walmart.

2. Food 4 Less

The name says it all. Food 4 Less is a chain that falls under the Kroger umbrella and exists primarily in the Midwest. Not only do they have good prices on food, some of their best savings come from personal care products.

3. Market Basket

Market Basket has a variety of weekly deals that are well worth looking into. Pick up the weekly flyer and you won’t believe the savings. Keep an eye out for items you need now or in the near future to make the most of their deals. They have locations throughout New England, so if you’re close enough chances are it’s worth a trip!

4. Lidl

Lidl is a chain of stores located up and down the east coast, and they are known for their savings on all types of products. They are most well-known for amazing deals on high quality wines, however – their wines various wines have even won over 200 different awards.

5. Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet has a number of stores along the west coast and also a fair number in Pennsylvania. The store chain features a weekly ad of savings, but the real secret to their deals is to check out their social media pages!

6. Aldi

Aldi has stores in many spots around the country and is currently the fastest growing chain out there. They are all about cutting away the fancy signage and massive displays to keep things simple and pass those savings on to you. Their products can vary significantly from week to week, so it’s worth checking the weekly ad and shopping often to capitalize on all the deals.

7. Smart & Final

Smart & Final is another chain with a huge presence along the west coast, which means savings for a lot of people! They also have a weekly ad which is a great place to look for incredible deals on items, but they also have coupons that can be printed or redeemed online.

8. WinCo Foods

WinCo Foods has stores all over the western US and also some stores in Texas and Oklahoma. There are plenty of options for savings, including a weekly ad and digital coupons right on the site. If you find yourself inside the store, look for green tagged items as you shop – those are the best deals.

9. Family Dollar

Family Dollar has stores all over the country and is known for their deals. The weekly flier has a WOW section with many items at $1 or less. Check often for not only foodstuffs but also back to school essentials and more.