Code : CAMTOAK55

  • ?Biodegradable & Premium Material?: These paper lanterns are made of fire resistant rice paper, fire resistant string and bamboo frame, which are biodegradable and 100% eco-friendly. Our premium Chinese paper lanterns bid farewell to the traditional ones, not easily get burning if the lantern catches fire.
  • ?Wide Application & Applicable Site?: Paper lanterns suitable for any occasion. You can releasing lanterns for special events with your own wish. Ideal for occasions like weddings, birthdays, commemorations, Christmas, graduation and more!In a romantic setting, try to make a wish to start your lantern! (Note: Please release this paper lantern in open areas such as beach, riverside, lakeside, large playground and someplace no trees in the suburbs.)
  • ?Elegantly Designed Appearance?: Paper lanterns which are stylishly and elegantly designed, they are suitable for many events and can be decorated or drawn on. To celebrate love and life! Set these wish lanterns free as a stunning backdrop for your wedding and a beautiful memory for yours guests to participate in!
  • ?100% safety Guaranteed?: It is safe for they are made of flame retardant paper. Please release these paper lanterns by instructions of use methods and maintenance. Watch a number of lanterns like stars. What a amazing moment. The Chinese lanterns can up to 3000ft high until them become a small light . Don’t forget make your wishes so the Chinese lanterns will take them to stars!
  • ?24 Hours of Customer Service?: Committed to provide excellent customer experience, we have promoted strict quality testing for each paper lantern. If you still have questions after your purchase, please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve problems within 24 hours.