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  • ?Defend Your Honor?- This marble shooting toy is best played by two players, holding their own handles on each side. The 8 soldiers will fight honorably along your side until the end of the battle! Load, aim and shoot at your opponent and take out enemy forces with your mighty launcher!
  • ?Make Each Bullet Count?- Game Mode I: each player load 18 marbles only, take turns and shoot alternatively. You can take out the enemy soldier at the front first since they are closer and easier to target, or you can go for the ones hiding at the back, destoying your opponent’s confidence. By the end of the 18th turn, the player who takes out the most enemies wins the game.
  • ?Fast and Furious?- Game Mode II: players can reload their marbles as the game continues. The player who takes out all the opposing forces wins the game. Note that used marbles will be distributed to each side randomly, therefore luck can be the winning tip on the scale of victory.
  • ?DIY Your Own Battles?- The previous two modes are for this toy but not the only rules to this game. Your kids can create their own battles based on their imagination. They can also have other epic games integrated such as UNO, Exploding Kitten and so on.
  • ?After Sales 1-Year Warranty?- We offer a one-year 100% return\refund warranty on our defected marble shooting toy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the toy, please feel free to contact our customer support and we can solve all your problems.

Price and code can change at anytime!

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