Do you like trying new things and sharing your opinions about them? Believe it or not, there are companies out there that really want to know your thought about things. Best of all, they charge the brands for the product, not you! All you have to “pay” is a bit of your time to review the products you receive! How awesome is that?

For starters, you can check out our list of freebies. In addition, check out this list below to figure out how to start getting those free goodies:

1. PINCHme

If you head over to PINCHme’s site and sign up, they’ll send you a box of goodies. You’ll get an average of 5 products in a box for free in exchange for your feedback. Just keep in mind that upon receiving the samples, you’ll only have 60 days to complete the product surveys.

2. BzzAgent

A site where you can try a lot of different types of full size samples, BzzAgent will send you products for free as long as you review them after you’ve tried them out.

3. Marie Claire

Marie Claire has a program called Velvet Club you can sign up for. Once you do, you’ll have access to freebies like lipstick, mascara, and other beauty products. In addition, you’ll get special offers for other products sent to your email!

4. Vogue Insiders

Vogue wants you to check out some new products as well. They sometimes require surveys upfront in order to receive products, but there are no surveys to fill out afterward.

5. CrowdTap

CrowdTap is a little different than most. By taking surveys, leaving comments, uploading pictures, and the like, you earn points that can be exchanged for products from several different brands. Once you’ve registered, click on “Samples” to see what’s available.

6. Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker likes sending out samples as well. Sign up for their weekly newsletter at the very top of the page, and then watch your email for free samples from them. Samples are first come first serve, so once you see a sample you’ll need to move fast.

7. InStyle Trendsetters

InStyle is another magazine that will send you samples to try, with the requirement that you provide your feedback. Every time you do, you’re entered into their “InStyle Quarterly Panel” drawing where you can win up to $100 in gift cards.

8. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks is more of an online forum where women can chat and share ideas, offer suggestions, and the like. The site awards active members with free product testing from skincare to cleaning to food items.

9. Smiley360

Smiley360 is all about surveys. By participating in discussions and taking surveys, the site will start to reward you with what they call “missions”. These “missions” typically require you to try out a product and then share your thoughts on their site or social media. It adds a little bit more fun to trying out some new items! You’ll get an email when a mission is waiting.

10. L’Oreal

L’Oreal wants you to try out their products and share your opinions of them! By signing up for their consumer testing program, you’ll receive samples from different brands under their corporate umbrella, including RedKen, Garnier, Lancome, and many more.

11. Homeschool

This fun site is as much for you as it is for your kiddos! If you homeschool, head over to Homeschool’s site and apply. If accepted, they will start sending you school supplies for your kids to try, and the site is set up so they can review the products on their own!

12. Influenster

Influenster requires a bit of up front work, but you’ll get a nice-sized box of samples for your efforts. Create a profile on the site, fill out your preferences, and finally follow Influenster on all their social media platforms. Once you’ve done all that, you should be accepted into their program and a box will soon be on its way. You’ll need to try out the products and let Influenster know your thoughts on them.

13. Brooks

A popular running brand, Brooks wants people to test their gear! Head to their site and fill out the profile survey to see if you meet their current requirements. If they happen to have the max number of testers they need when you check the site, wait a little while and check again.

14. Minute Rice

Sign up for Minute Rice’s Riceipe Club and be sure to check the box for Product Taste Tests when you do. If you quality you’ll receive products to try and follow up surveys to share your opinions.

15. The Pink Panel

Head over to the Pink Panel’s site and fill out the survey to join. Once you’ve done that and followed them on Facebook, you’ll start to receive emails with opportunities to test beauty products. As you review the products, you may be rewarded with gift cards or other free products!

16. MomSelect

MomSelect lets you sign up and participate in things like surveys, home parties, and, of course, product samples.

17. VocalPoint

As you sign up on VocalPoint, you’ll fill out a profile describing your interests. The site will let you know when samples are available that match the profile you created. You might get anything from food to hair care to big-value coupons!

18. McCormick

McCormick is a big spice and seasonings company, and by becoming one of their testers you can try out their flavorings on your favorite dishes! Just fill out the application on their site, and you’ll be notified via email if you’re accepted.

19. Snuggle

The Snuggle Bear Den wants your help! Register for an account and take some surveys, and before long you’ll start to qualify for those free samples!

20. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a major manufacturer of many types of products, and their Friends and Neighbors program is a way to receive invitations to test their products. There are also opportunities to participate in focus groups, discussion forums, and surveys.