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Car stuck in the snow? The Bigfoot Collapsible Car Trunk Shovel by EMSCO Group is the perfect tool for the job. The polyethylene scoop is lightweight and doesn’t add extra weight to the already heavy snow you’re moving. The aluminum handle is also lightweight and is extendable up to 36 inches using a convenient, push-button lock pin mechanism that won’t slip while in use. This snow shovel scoop is so light that you won’t notice a dip in gas mileage by keeping it in your car all winter long. We hope you don’t have to use it while out on the road but if you do, the bright, safety orange scoop and handle are highly visible so other drivers can see you. And you won’t lose it in a snow bank while you’re concentrating on getting your car unstuck. After you manage to get your car clear of snow from the driveway or roadway accident, the emergency roadside assistant scoop can easily be collapsed and stowed in the trunk. It fits perfectly in even small compact cars. The deep scoop design is great for shoveling snow out from under your car tires, even better than a regular snow shovel. But it’s also great as a multipurpose tool. Use the scoop’s high capacity to shovel all kinds of loose materials such as snow, soil, potting mix, feed grain, gravel, snow salt melt and much more! Winter can be harsh on you as a driver but with the Bigfoot Collapsible Trunk Shovel by EMSCO Group, it’s a lot easier to dig yourself out.


This snow shovel is perfect for the car. It quickly disassembles and can be stored in very tight spaces.


Made from polyethylene and aluminum, this shovel takes nothing to lift and you won’t lose fuel mileage by keeping it in your car. It’s incredibly tough and weather-resistant.


The handle can go from 28-36″ giving you a variety of lengths thanks to the fast pin locking mechanism


The bright, safety orange shovel is very visible when you are having a roadside incident or when you get stuck at the end of the driveway.


Not only can you get yourself out of snow but this scoop can be used to shovel all kinds of materials such as soil, gravel, grain and more.