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  • ?SOFT & COMFORTABLE 3-PLY MASKS?–SHQUF face mask has a 3-layer structure,Outer color layer – water blocking layer which blocks splashing liquid in the air; Middle layer – filtering layer to filter particles in the air; Inner layer – water absorbing layer which can absorb hot air exhaled by the body, thus keeping the skin dry and comfortable
  • ?SEALED SAFETY PACKAGING?–SHQUF face mask uses multi-layer packaging to ensure the safety and hygiene of the masks. The first layer is the sealed plastic layer outside the carton; the second is a high-quality sterile carton; the third is that there are 3 independent sealed packages in the carton, and each sealed package contains 17 masks, which not only ensures face masks sanitation also makes the distribution and use more flexible and more convenient to carry.
  • ?MORE ELASTIC & STRONG EARLOOP?–SHQUF masks earloop are made of more elastic and strong materials, making the masks fit the face better and more comfortable to wear. It will not cause pain and leave marks even if worn for a long time.And there is no need to worry about the ear loop breaking.
  • ?4-LAYER FOLDS DESIGN?–Other masks have only 3 layers of folds before unfolding, but SHQUF face masks have a 4-layer folds design, which makes the masks more 3D and can cover a larger facial area, so it is safer.
  • ?LENGTHENED BENDABLE NOSE BRIDGE?–SHQUF face mask has a longer deformable nose bridge makes the top of the mask fit the nose and facial area completely, making it safer. At the same time, prevent the breathing water vapor from leaking from the top of the masks to cause the glasses to fog.
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