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  • ▶Ready-to-Use Powerful Concentrated Gel Formula –the gel can stick to any surface and won’t flow down, and covered for a long time,active ingredients are not volatile;▶Low odor — The irritating odor of gel is less than the ordinary spray.
  • ▶Add Lysozyme & Fast Acting & Effective — Penetrates into the mold roots for rapid decomposition for Long-lasting Protection.
  • ▶Wide Range Of Use — Can be used in Refrigerator Silicone Seal,Washing Machine Seal,Kitchen Sink,Wall Surface,Tile Grout Caulk,Closestool,Washbasin,bathtub, Showers,Window frame,etc.
  • ▶Simple to use — Just apply the gel evenly in need Of mildew removal , after holding 3-10 hours,no scrubbing,and rinse with water or wipe with a towel.
  • ▶It Works! — free your HOME from ugly MOLD stains, eliminate mold and mildew once and for all!

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