• Approximate Dimensions: Large Planter Pots- 6.2″ H X 5″ Diameter; Medium Planter Pots- 5.2″ H X 4″ Diameter; Small Planter Pots- 4.2″ H X 3.5″ Diameter, different size for different succulent plants.
  • Connected Saucer Design – Connected saucer helps to minimize water run-off, and there is one little seam in the bottom of the pot to connect the saucer and pot for necessary drainage.
  • Small to Large Size- The pack 3 glaze pots are designed small to large size, perfect planter size for the succulent plants, such as cacti, herbs, mosses, and grasses.
  • High Quality Glazed Ceramic- Made of high quality and colorful glazed ceramic, come with drainage holes for watering and the attached saucers to collect excess water.
  • Applicable Occasion- Great to decorate windowsill, office desk, home table, patio, garden, Perfect gift for Wedding, Birthday, Christmas or any other festivals.