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  • AIR PURIFIER: CHARCOPOT is developed by bonding premium Korean white charcoal for a direct exposure to air for maximizing the effects of charcoal. Charcoal is well known for its odor and moisture absorbing qualities and naturally purifying the air. The effect is better if more charcoal is used which is directly exposed to air. CHARCOPOT is invented, so a greater surface area of charcoal is directly exposed to air for maximum effects, in a conventional design that has multiple uses.
  • DEODORIZER DEHUMIDIFIER HUMIDIFIER: CHARCOPOT has all the characteristics of charcoal, but functions at a much advanced level because of the greater surface area and direct exposure to air. Due to these attributes of the CHARCOPOT the level of absorption of odors and excess moisture is at the maximum. Thus acting as a phenomenal DEODORIZER AND DEHUMIDIFIER. Alternately, CHARCOPOT also acts as a HUMIDIFIER by increasing the moisture when soaked in water and kept to dry.
  • REUSABLE: CHARCOPOT can be used at full potential for up to 3 years. Over a period the CHARCOPOT will turn grey and the effects of charcoal might deplete. All one needs to do is soak the CHARCOPOT into water for 10 minutes and gently brush the surface. This periodical process will recharge the CHARCOPOT and bring it to the degree of providing maximum effects.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: While using CHARCOPOT as a Air Purifier, Deodorizer, Dehumidifier and Humidifier, it has several other purposes. It is ideal size for a mini Flower or Plant Pot. By soaking it in water, it functions as a self-watering system. It is perfect replacement for your Pen Holder, Utensils Holder and Toothbrush Stand. It can be placed next to the TV for storing your remotes. It is a great size to place your wine bottles to decorate your home bar.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: CHARCOPOT is made of charcoal, which is Environmental Friendly. If disposed off it will not harm the environment. It is fragrance free, non-toxic and does not emit any poisonous substances.

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