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  • 🍷【Exclusive Craftsmanship Hand Blown】Finest Crystal wine glasses are crafted with thousand-year-old craftsmanship techniques. This means that each especial product is individually mouth blown and hand-finished in 5 mins by skilled artisans. Mouth-blown crystal wine glasses is generally lighter,thinner and more graceful than machine-made ones.You know a slightly bubble adds to the charm of a piece of glass, and it can also help identify a piece as hand blown.
  • 🍷【Finest Crystal Glasses Refracts Sparkly Light】By eliminating lead content from the crystal glass composition,our glasses replaced with fine Titanium crystal and a patented chemical formulation that produces ultra clear, pure and bright wine glasses. Finest Crystal glasses also refract light, which is quite desirable when ogling your wine. They should please even the most discerning connoisseur.
  • 🍷【Beautiful Sound Resonates】The beautiful sound resonates that is like a distance church bell… when you flick or clink a piece of crystal. Tap the piece gently along the rim with your fingernail, if the piece is real crystal, it will ring out with a pleasant tone. But glass emits more of a noise sound.
  • 🍷【Allowing for the Purest Wine Tasting Experience】Choose a glass that will allow the wine to perform its best.These crystal wine glasses really do look like the type of glasses you’d expect to see if you were dinner party with a renowned connoisseur. Bigger bowls are finished with 1mm smooth rims and pulled stems for an effortlessly elegant. Thanks to a design that’s shaped to perfectly aerate your favorite red while keeping its delicate and intoxicating aroma in the glass.
  • 🍷【Hassle-free Cleaning】Our Finest Crystal glasses are capable of being spun thin while maintaining strength. Each glass is finished with a high temperature hardening treatment that protects them from chips and scratches. Because crystal is a porous material, it’s best to hand wash. Crystal wine glasses are the most high-end option, keeping them scratch free is a priority. Ideally you want to hand wash to extend their lifespan and always for good taste .

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