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  • ?Walkie-talkie with Battery?Unlike other childrens’ walkie-talkies, our kids’ walkie-talkie toys are equipped with batteries. You don’t need to prepare additional batteries, your child can start using it immediately.
  • ?Safer Guarantee?Our walkie talkie phone have 22-channel intercom has 99 sub-codes, and only the same-channel pairing sub-codes can complete the same-frequency docking, which adds a safety guarantee for your children
  • ?Voice Activation(VOX)?The walkie talkies long range kids have few buttons, portable and easy to use; Press the menu button three times to turn on the VOX function, you don’t need to hold down the PTT button to make a call.
  • ?Perfect Adventure Kids Toys?MTM best kid walkie talkies have rich color schemes, which are very suitable for birthdays, Christmas and Children’s Day gifts. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities, camping, spring outing, hiking, etc., to increase the fun of communication and games for children.
  • ?Stable Signal and Long Range?After boy toys walkie talkie girls testing, our transmission distance can reach 3KM in an open place with no obstacles, which can increase the fun of communication between parents and children indoors.

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