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  • ?Children’s Gifts?IIt is ideal for families, educational activities, laboratory environments and classrooms. It is very suitable for survivalists who want to hatch pigeons, chickens, quail and duck eggs. It is suitable as a gift for children, and at the same time cultivates children’s sense of responsibility and practical ability.
  • ?Easy to Use?: The size of this mini egg incubator is 21*17.5cm,The size of this mini egg incubator is 21*17.5cm, which is easy to operate and does not take up much space. The automatic poultry incubator can incubate 7 ordinary eggs, duck eggs and goose eggs.
  • ?TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY CONTROL?LED display can be used for temperature setting and simple operation; agile temperature sensing can accurately sense a temperature difference of 0.01 ?; automatic temperature control can ensure that the egg is in an ideal environment!
  • ?VISIBLE DESIGNED?With transparent cover, you can observe a series of incubation process at any time. It is easy to check the incubation conditions and bring your child a more profound experience.
  • ?PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE?We will be responsible for each egg incubator and ensure that every customer who uses our products can be satisfied. If there is any problem, please contact us, we will do our best to solve it.