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  • UPGRADED AUTO DESIGN: The 2020 upgraded version of the toothpaste dispenser adopts the latest opening and closing cover design, which is truly dust-proof and far away from bacteria, without worrying about dust, bugs, oily smoke, etc. The wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and does not deform or fade.
  • CONVENIENT TO INSTALL: the automatic toothpaste squeezer comes with adhesive tape on the back, just stick them on the wall, not easy to fall off and no need to punch or drill the wall, easy to install and will be fixed well, will not break the wall.
  • EASY TO USE: The automatic toothpaste dispenser is non-contact operation, hygienic and convenient, frees hands, and can easily control the length of toothpaste extrusion according to the strength. With a unique dual-position patented technology, the upper layer is suitable for kids with a small amount of extrusion, and the lower layer is suitable for adults with a larger amount of extrusion, and the amount of toothpaste is not wasted.
  • REMOVABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN : Hands-free Automatic Toothpaste dispenser is non-contact operation and free hand squeeze to get toothpaste, avoid direct touch, Very hygienic and convenience. Press and hold the disassembly buttons on both sides of the product to separate easily, which is convenient for cleaning every corner of the toothpaste dispenser.
  • PERFECT WELL-MADE GIFT : The Hands Free Toothpaste Squeezer as adopting vacuum pump technology, it allows your kids the ability to squeeze out accurate and good amount of toothpaste each time, without making a mess. So Toothpaste Squeezer is the best Gift for your Family or your friends.

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