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  • ✈ 【Headless Mode】The remote direction of the transmitter as a guide for the flight direction of the quadcopter, do not worry too far to control the quadcopter’s flight. When drone flies too far, we can call the drone back by one key automatic return function. It’s easier and more convenient to operate, so that beginners can learn how to drive a mini drone quickly.
  • ✈ 【Low-voltage Protection】When the quadcopter battery is low, the rotors will be stopped power supply. As the quadcopter control system will protect battery automatically, which is to ensure your good flight experience every time
  • ✈ 【3D Eversion Instructions】When you are familiar with the basic operation, you can do some awesome& exciting tricks and stunts! First of all, fly the aircraft to a height of more than 3 meters, press the 3D Eversion switch on the rear right side of transmitter, then push the right rudder (in any direction) to make 360 degree flip.(Tips: 3D eversion goes better when battery power is enough)
  • ✈ 【Portable and Two Modes】The drone is placed inside the remote control so that it can be carried under all circumstances. The transmitter built-in two modes, Mode1&Mode2, in line with different customer’s usage pattern. Keep press the middle button, Then turn on the transmitter power to change Mode1.
  • ✈ 【High Speed Rotation】New fun features. The drone can rotate 360° and fly at high speed, giving you a special stimulating feeling. You can adjust the speed to meet your operation proficiency, and play the drone with your kids or friends.

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