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  • LEARNING KITS HAVE BEEN REINVENTED Wouldn’t you love to have your child learning while they play? Then you’ll love merka’s educational learning kit leverages playtime with learning materials to quickly and easily help you get the knowledge while having fun. Our kits have posters, flashcards, practice books and stickers that will help their minds grow!
  • DESIGNED TO HELP YOUR KIDS LEARNING Each one of our kits is thoughtfully created from the ground up to provide parents and teachers with the most effective tools and methods for teaching. Use them as homeschool supplies to support your kids learning or as preschool games to practice what they’ve learned.
  • WATERPROOF AND TEAR RESISTANT Our educational posters and flashcards are water resistant; they are also easy to clean so they are perfect for classroom supplies or homeschool supplies. A great learning aid material. Our stickers come with great illustrations and the practice book with lots of exercises.
  • MAKES A PERFECT GIFT Our complete educational learning set has been a huge success among gifts for toddlers, plus 7 year old boys and girls that love to play while learning. They are perfect for kids’ toys gifts and learning games. You can’t miss by giving the gift of knowledge!
  • AMAZING LEARNING TOO We know you’ll love using this amazing tool for plus 9 year old kids. All materials in our kit help you teach your kids in a way that’s both fun and effective. Our practice has complete exercises match exercises to practice the elements of the Periodic Table. Teach them about science chemistry with this Periodic Table science kits for kids. Get ready to watch them acquire new knowledge right before your eyes!

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