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  • ?Portable Design?- The karaoke microphone brings SO much fun for kids! They can improve their communication skills while enjoying themselves with this delightful toy. It combines the features of a bluetooth microphone with a karaoke machine for only a small change in appearance.
  • ?Voice Disguiser/Magic Sound?- How can anything beat a voice disguiser when it comes to interesting toys for kids. Our karaoke microphone with voice disguising function will have your kids glued to this present. There are child voices, tough voices, male voices and honey voices included.
  • ?Professional Karaoke System?- The microphone uses top notch DPS tech and layers of foam nets to better capture voice input and reduces noise. The built-in speaker in this karaoke microphone is also very powerful, it is great for having parties or giving live speeches.
  • ?3 In 1 Multifunctional Microphone?- The main function of this bluetooth microphone is to have FUN! Singing and karaoke is the obvious job done here, it can also record your songs, and act as a voice disguiser. But yes, mostly it’s for enjoying yourself anywhere, anytime.
  • ?Easy to Use?- This bluetooth microphone isn’t complicated to use at all. There are only a few easily understandable buttons such as the sliding buttons for mic volume and remix, +/- buttons for speaker volume and switching songs etc. Once connected to your device (or TF card, flash drive), it’s party time!