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  • ?PRIVACY SCREEN FILTER – Manufactured by micro-louver optical technology, so that the screen data can only be read by the user from the front 90 degree angle of view, only the black screen can be seen outside 60 degrees on both sides. Effective protection of confidential information and personal privacy, use of computer more secure.
  • ?TOP QUALITY,KOREA’S ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS – Our computer privacy filter has a 7-layer film structure, different from other sellers, using ordinary materials. We use one of the best quality materials, making the product’s anti-spying effect better than other anti-spy film. Note that you should increase the brightness of the screen when using it.
  • ?ANTI-GLARE, ANTI-SCRATCH – Laptop screen privacy filter prevents scratches, soiled, dust and fingerprints to protect your screen from external damages due to its super anti-rub coat dispose. It can prevent 96% UV and 99.9% LF-radiation to protect your eyes.
  • ?EASY TO INSTALL,TWO WAYS – Transparent adhesive and PVC positioning piece. It is recommended to use PVC positioning piece to put the monitor privacy screen down from top to bottom. The privacy filter tablet can be stored when not in use. This product can be repeated many times. Do not need any glue to paste when using it, and will not produce any bubbles.
  • ?OTHER BRANDS UNIVERSAL – (Not fit for Macbook Air Pro)To ensure that you have purchased the right privacy filter screen protector film, you can use a measurement tool to measure the length of the computer monitor or the inside of the laptop screen (excluding the frame) to confirm the size. Different brands will have a small gap, does not affect the use.If you have any problems with the computer privacy film, please feel free to contact us.