Amazon often has some great deals on products. What if I told you there were many more ways to save money than just waiting for a deal to pop up? This list of 22 Amazon secrets will help you make the most of everything Amazon has to offer.

1. The Few Dollars You Have Left on Visa Gift Cards Can Become Amazon Credit

What can you do with those leftover balances on Visa gift cards that will otherwise go to waste? Use the Visa gift card with the small balance remaining to buy an Amazon gift card in the same amount. Apply the Amazon card to your balance and presto!

2. Find the Amazon Treasure Truck

While it currently appears in only a few dozen cities across the country, the Amazon Treasure Truck has been known to hand out one item in the community by parking somewhere and then sending out a text.

In order to receive the notification from Amazon, you must first text “TRUCK” to 24193. You’ll then receive daily updates about where the truck will be. The giveaways are completely random, but doesn’t that add to the fun?

3. Use CamelCamelCamel to Ensure You’re Getting the Best Deals

It’s a strange name for a website, but CamelCamelCamel tracks items on Amazon and lets you know the prices it’s been listed for during that time. You can even set price watches and the site will alert you if the product drops to that price.

There’s even a browser extension for Google Chrome that makes the process even easier.

4. Put Those Amazon Boxes to Good Use

Not sure what to do with all those Amazon boxes you have laying around? Use them to collect things you’ve been meaning to donate and then visit to print a shipping label to send off to your favorite charity.

5. Make Some Money Delivering Amazon Packages

Make some extra money through Amazon Flex by delivering packages to homes in your community. You get to use your own car on your own time, but drivers can make up to $25 an hour.

6. College Students Can Save Some Money

Everyone needs deliveries, and Amazon Prime Student is a great way for college students to get what they need, plus a few additional perks. We’re talking a free 6-month trial of Amazon Prime, and Prime is 50% off the regular price once the trial is over.

In addition, students get access to special deals on electronics, food, and clothing. Plus, Amazon Music Unlimited is only $0.99 per month.

7. Save Money With a Monthly Prime Membership if You’re Not Going to Use It All Year

If you do the math, a yearly membership for Amazon Prime only makes sense if you plan to keep the service (and use it) for 10 months or more. If you’re an infrequent user, you may save some money by picking up a monthly membership when you plan to use the service.

Just keep in mind you’ll want to use it at least a few times during that month to make sure the membership pays for itself.

8. Use No-Rush Shipping to Get Some Amazon Credit

If you don’t need that package in a hurry, use Amazon’s No-Rush Shipping to earn some credit on your Amazon balance. Sure, products will take upwards of a week longer to arrive, but the bonus credit can be put toward future purchases.

9. Visit Amazon Outlet for Big Savings

Amazon Outlet is the place to go for overstocked and out-of-season items. There’s no guarantee of what you’ll find there, but it’s possible to find electronics, fashion, grocery, and even furniture items. Savings can be really significant, so check here first before shopping the main site!

10. Check out Amazon Warehouse for Deals on Gently Used Items

The Amazon Warehouse has items that have been opened and/or gently used and then returned to the retailer. You’ll find just about everything under the sun here if you don’t mind the product condition.

11. Get a Credit for Adding Money to Your Amazon Balance

While not quite as simple as it sounds, Amazon will sometimes run promotions where you can get a $5 credit for loading at least $20 onto your Amazon balance. You have to spend some to get some.

Amazon also occasionally partners with retailers where you can get Amazon Cash by purchasing through them.

12. Trade In Old Items and Get Amazon Credit

When it’s time to upgrade a phone, tablet, reader, or piece of gaming equipment, or another gadget, send it in to Amazon. They’ll assign a trade-in value to it and you’ll receive Amazon credit in your account.

13. Have More Time to Decide on an Item from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31

Normally, Amazon only lets you return an item for up to 30 days after a purchase, but this isn’t the case around the holidays. Amazon graciously extends their return policy so anything you buy between November 1st and December 31st doesn’t need to be returned until January 31st!

14. Use Amazon to Price Match at Other Stores

Many retail stores have price matching, where they will honor the price of an item from another store if you can show them the price difference. Use Amazon’s app to look up items, and most stores will honor Amazon’s price if it is cheaper!

15. Ibotta Can Get You Some Cash Back

Ibotta doesn’t work with all Amazon purchases, but it is possible to get cash back on some goodies. Try Amazon devices like tablets and smart speakers.

It’s also possible to get 30 day trials of some of their services like Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

16. Use Amazon Book Box to Save on Hardcover Books

Amazon Book Box is a subscription plan that lets you order children’s hardcover books on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. You get to pick the books you want, and you’ll save money ordering them this way versus through Amazon’s main site.

17. Share Your Prime Membership

This one is a bit under the table, but you can link up as many addresses as you want to share a Prime Membership with. Split the cost of the membership between those households to save some money. Just be sure to keep the addresses straight when you are having items shipped!

18. Use Paribus to Get Money for Late Packages

It’s possible to use the Paribus app when Amazon is late delivering a package to get compensation for your wait. This only works for Two-day, one-day, or same-day shipping.

19. Amazon Has a “Just for Prime” Deals Section

If you are a Prime member, use Amazon’s drop down search icon to choose the “Just for Prime” section. This area features deals that non-members can’t see.

20. Return Amazon Items to Kohl’s and Keep the Box

Kohl’s will actually take back your Amazon returns for you, and you don’t even need to have the items in a box! Crazy, right? In the Amazon app, navigate to Returns and select Kohl’s Drop Off as the return reason. Amazon will send you a QR code that Kohl’s will need to scan when you bring in your items.

21. Use Amazon Subscribe and Save to Save Money on Repeat Purchases

If you have some items you know you’ll need every month or even every few months, set up an Amazon Subscribe and Save account to not only have those items auto-delivered to you as needed but to save money in the process.

If you can manage to subscribe to five or more items, you’ll get 15% off those items! Anything under that still gets you 5% off though. Think cleaning supplies and groceries when setting up your list.

22. Prime Members Can Get New Books and Movies Immediately Upon Release

To get items as fast as possible, Prime members can pre-order items like books and movies. Those items should arrive to you by 9pm on the day of their release! If the item is a digital copy, it will be unlocked immediately when the items releases.